What We Do

Bristol Breakfast Networking is a networking organization based in Bristol. We are a group of men and women engaged in industries and professions across a range of sectors. We meet fortnightly to share and receive opportunities for business.

Our style is simple but effective. Although we expect regular attendance, we do not demand that members pass business at every meeting. We believe that quality referrals are most likely to be generated through open communication in a committed group, where the members know and trust each other.

How We Do It

Breakfast meetings take place on alternate Thursdays in the Players Lounge at the Ashton Gate Stadium. The venue is opened exclusively for the Club, and offers a first class breakfast menu, pleasant surroundings and easy parking.

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The choice of a fortnightly meeting avoids imposing an unmanageable time commitment on already busy people, while maintaining the regularity necessary to build relationships and follow up opportunities. Each meeting starts promptly at 6.30am and normally finishes before 9am, keeping the rest of the working day clear.

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We have developed a networking app this year in association with our partner Mighty Networks so our members can network with one another and those who enjoy Breakfast Networking locally, nationally & globally. Join our online network – HERE

2018 Committee

We appoint a committee to run the club each year. Several members have been onboard for many years as the club continues to grow from strength to strength.

  • Matt Richardson – Chairman & Membership Coordinator
  • Usman Yaqub – Vice Chairman
  • Chris Holloway – President
  • Khurm Arshad – Head of Vice
  • Lee Ambrose – Events
  • Ben Hortop – Web & Digital